How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long?

On a perfect day out with your friends or family, all you want is to look perfect. For that, you choose your favorite dress adorned with flawless makeup. You go for a beautiful hairdo and matching accessories. But to keep this look intact for a daylong event is a challenge. Stepping out of the house means being ready to face obstacles like sunlight, humidity, and wind. Your makeup almost melts down by the scorching sunlight. Also, the humidity plays its part to make all your efforts go wasted. After a happy day with your friends, all you get is smudged off makeup. If you are planning a super fun day with your family, friends, or the special one, you must be aware of all these possibilities.

But don’t you worry! We are here to help you out. There can be some tips and tricks to keep your makeup look flawless all day long. Next, we have searched out the best ways to protect your makeup from smudging off. Have a look.

  1. Prep Your Skin Well

A well-prepped skin sets a firm base for long-lasting makeup. There can be three best steps to prep your skin before makeup.

  • Step #1 Exfoliation. The main reason behind your makeup looking textured can be dead skin and bacteria. Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin and bacteria to give your makeup a smooth and glowing finish.
  • Step # 2 Toning. Applying a toner after exfoliation is very important. It sets your skin and makes it smooth and radiant.
  • Step # 3 Moisturizing. After all the exfoliation, hydrating your skin is a must. A good moisturizer will bring back the moisture. One thing to remember is that always use a light moisturizer. It will help prevent the appearance of an oily layer on your face.
  • Use a Primer

There used to be times when using a primer was thought to be useless. But with time we have learnt that without primer your makeup is not going to last long. Applying primer before the foundation is a must. It will even out your pores and give your foundation a smooth base, especially for those having open pores. Primers also lock the moisture in your skin and prevent the foundation from drying out. Priming your eyelids is also now a thing. It will make your eyeshadows last longer than usual. And make the eyeshadow pigment more prominent.

  • Go for Water-Based Foundations

Using oil-based foundations increases the risk of your foundation melting off. They have a greater risk of slipping off your skin. So, to make your makeup last longer you must always go for water-based foundations. They sit well on your skin and reduce the risk of smudging.

Another beneficial choice you can make is opting for a matte foundation over a dewy one. Matte foundations are more long-lasting on both dry and oily skin. It would be the best choice for daylong events.

  • Use a Setting Powder

To give your makeup some extra coverage and firmness, use a setting powder. It will help lock all the liquids you have used, making them flawless and long-lasting. Setting powder also prevents creasing under your eyes or around your mouth. The appearance of fine lines can also be covered with setting powder. Always choose the powder according to your skin tone to give a flawless finish. Another tip can be avoiding buffing the powder on your face. Instead, use a fluffy brush to set your foundation with the setting powder.

After setting, give the make up some time to blend into your face and become the best end product.

  • Water Proofs are the Best

Other than foundation your eye-makeup must also be long-lasting to complete the look. For that, you can use waterproof products like mascaras and eyeliners. Waterproof mascaras make your eyelashes look rich and being waterproof it lasts all day long. For eyeliner, you can go for gel eyeliners. The set best for your eyes and also don’t fade away with time. Using gel eyeliner makes your eyeliner look jet black all day long. They are best for hot summer days and also for the humid monsoon.

  • Always Remember, Less Is More

Putting a lot of product on your face will give you a cakey and a “too much” look. You need to learn that using less product is always the best. Let your skin breathe through the makeup. If you would apply a lot of products it will make your makeup look dense and heavy. Instead, try to apply a thin layer of all the products for a fresh and natural look.

Putting too much foundation or powder to make it long-lasting is just a myth. Thin layers are easy to last long on your face.

  • Layer Your Lipstick

Keeping your lipstick long-lasting is the real challenge. Lipstick always gets eaten up with every meal or drink you have. To make it last on your lips is quite a task. But we have a trick for you. Layering your lipstick can help it last longer.

First apply a lip liner first and blot it with tissue paper. Then set it with translucent powder and reapply your lipstick. This will give your lips an extra coat of lipstick and help it last longer. You can also go for matte liquid lipsticks. They also have a long-lasting and flawless finish.

  • Use a Good Setting Spray

After your hours-long hard work, you need to give a final lock to your makeup. Using a good setting spray can do it all for you. Even if you are not using waterproof products, the setting spray will lock the makeup on your face. It makes your makeup transfer-proof and long-lasting. Setting spray is the best final touch to your favorite makeup look.

All these tips and tricks are going to help you achieve a long-lasting makeup look. So what are you waiting for, get ready for a fun day with your friends or the special one with a flawless and long-lasting makeup look? Now!  

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