3 Consequences Of Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup is not about red lipstick or foundation and running out the door, it’s
an expression or form of art. Yes, we know life can be crazy and we don't
have the time for that perfect eyeliner. But with that said, every great artist
had their set of paintbrushes. Would Pablo Picasso or Vincent van Gogh
start a new painting with dirty paintbrushes from the masterpiece before?
So why are you using the same eyeshadow brush, which was used for a
black look from last Saturday, for your pastel sky look today? In this article,
I will discuss the basic reason you need to clean those brushes out now.

Yes, you heard me right, ageing. Make-up itself won’t age your skin, but the
ingredients used overtime on dirty makeup brushes, collect and expose the
skin to oxidative stress. This decreases collagen in your face.
Breakouts Randomly Appearing
Think of it this way. Would you touch your face with yucky, dirty, sweaty
The build-up of product and dust can irritate the skin and can lead to acne.
This is because bacteria sits on the bristles and once in contact with any
skin type, clogs up pores and creates those thick blackheads. Another
reason for this is the sharing of brushes with friends. We all have different
skin types such as oily or dry-prone skin and the oil we produce from our

You’re Wasting Money
Stop that online cart right there. You don’t need another makeup brush. The
internet wants you to spend money on items you already have. Just
because of the new mermaid tail on the end, doesn’t mean the product is
different. So what now you may ask? Take those filthy brushes and wash
them gently with some lukewarm and conditioner!
So now you might ask how you can wash and properly cleanse your
brushes? We all have the same mindset that we’ll clean it once it’s super
dirty, but that completely wrong! Make-up brushes need to be cleaned at
least once a week, because of the easy buildup of bacteria which includes
Golden staff, pinkeye, and E. coli. It’s not obvious, but most of us aren’t
aware of how to properly wash and sterilize the brushes we use. This
includes the ferrule and handle of the makeup brush, which is clean. a
makeup brush into three basic pieces which include the handle, the ferrule,
and the bristles that we used to pick up our makeup pigments. But enough
about the chitchat, you came here to know-how to clean your brushes.

Step one: Hot water.
Molecules can move much faster in boiling water compared to cold water.
This creates more space between each molecule, which can easily fill with
dissolved solvents. To make it simpler, imagine putting a paintbrush in cold
water, what would happen? Absolutely nothing, they will still attach the dirt
particles to the brush and make the water greasy. Scorching water allows
the opportunity for each bristle to have its spa day moment. Exfoliating the
fine hairs to melt off any product such as creams and oils in your brushes.

Step two: Lather.
Once your makeup brush is wet, nicely lather up the bristles with soap.
The soap used for the cleansing is just as important as the actual act of
cleaning them. These include my personal favorites, conditioner, dish soap,
and olive oil. The shampoo is usually is an option but with that said,
useless it is a mild shampoo, don’t apply it to your brushes! The chemicals
are too strong for your regular makeup applications and can make the
bristles seem stiff after three washes. Another option that can be used is a
brand-name cleaning lotion that can be found at your local drugstore
nearby if you’re willing to spend a bit extra. Otherwise, the mentioned
above is fine and can be found in your household, and you’re saving

Step three: Scrubbing.
I mean it, you’re going to scrub. With new makeup inventions and trends
up, cleaning makeup has never been this easy. Silicone scrubbing pads,
electrical cleansers. they have even created a cute little washing machine
for beauty blenders. Yes, I just said a little washing machine. Lathered in
your potion of choice, start scrubbing until the water runs crystal clear.
Unless your crystal is an emerald, then wash until it's just normal clear

Step four: Dry.
Please and I repeat, please don’t use a bath towel to dry your brushes.
The reason for this is the same reason curly-haired people would laugh if
you gave them an ordinary towel to use for their hair. Microfiber towels.
She’s your best friend for your hair and also your makeup brushes. Or if
you don’t want to invest, a paper towel is a quick and easy way out to get
the job done. But really, invest in a microfiber towel. Life-changing. Once
you have successfully rinsed the brushes, dab with a paper towel and set
them lay out on a clean paper towel to dry.
So wrapping up this conversation, there are some main easy-to-remember
points. Wash your makeup brushes. That's it, that's the tip. Okay, all
passive-aggressiveness aside, what you should have realized from this
article is that it is important to take care of your skin. It's the outer layer of
your body, not that looks matter, but it affects your self-esteem and that is
something we can all relate to. It’s a sad fact that when your skin feels
good, you feel good. Getting into the routine of washing your makeup
brushes will dramatically be changed. After all, it’s just a brush.
With all this said above. General understanding of why important to create
small habits to better your everyday life and how you feel about yourself.
Yes, trust me, it’s an effort to do these small chores, but it’s your skin, that's
the most important here, not the actual brushes. So take care of your skin
and it will take care of you.

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