Make up Kit


If you are after the best quality make up kits look no further! 

If you’re after the dream make up kit for yourself or a special gift for someone you love then you’ve come to the right place. These online makeup stores are our favourite places to find the perfect make up kit.

  • E.L.F. offers high quality, popular and low cost make up kits, cosmetics sets & palettes that will for fill all your make up kit needs.
    Make up Kit ELF

    Make up Kit ELF

    From our most common makeup and cosmetic Sets & Kits and Palettes starting at just $5, to great Brush Sets for home or travel, to our popular Get The Look Sets that we’ve put together for Essential eye makeup,there’s an E.L.F. Essential set & palette or kit just right for you and your budget!From E.L.F’s 150 set eyeshadow make up kit to their complete face make up kit. You’ll find everything you need to complete the perfect make up kit with their wide variety sets.

  • BeautyBar
  • Make up Kit

    Make up Kit Beauty bar

    BeautyBar has Philippines based make up store with the prefect make up kit for you. BeautyBar has niche brands and products that are  new alternatives to traditional make up ideas- from simple make up kits consisting of eyebrow make up or eyeshadows to more intricate potions for an entire look

Or to get the best quality for the lowest price try Ebay, just browse through the extensive list of makeup kits.

Make up Kit ebay

Make up Kit ebay

Other great sites include..

Make up Kit

Make up Kit

Make up Kit

Make up Kit


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