Korean Makeup

Korean Makeup

When asked what makeup is Korean style, it is definitely about using products and applying with a magical touch to create a soft and natural make-up look, this is easily achievable for Asian women, especially girls. In addition to the change in the face it is also a style made to attract and highlight the sweet and innocent side of your features and to look stylish and cute when spending time outdoors.

It is about applying makeup to highlight the focal point of beauty especially on the cheeks, lips, facial features to bring out radiant beauty and natural features.
Then most important aspect of Korean makeup is to have a bright and smooth face, through proper shaving techniques has the unique power to make women look more confident and charming. 

Korea has the ideal makeup style not dissimilar to the Philippines, only Korean-style makeup is to look natural as the Korean K+Pop stars do on television. 

In addition, makeup products that Koreans use are suitable for girls who want to go for a walk on the weekend with a friend and appear fresh though the hot weather and activities. 

By having clear and smooth skin, the make-up style of Korea was seen to have the ability to change the face and thus there own charm, even though although most do not use bright colors. 

Korea makeup uses soft and natural color to create an appearance that is fresh and as cute as a doll. Furthermore, the appearance is much more enjoyable when coupled with hairstyles, fashion accessories and colorful clothes

Korean makeup

Korean makeup

The Korean makeup Millennium promotes smoother and brighter skin for Koreans, in addition to a natural look to make the appearance looks simple and sweet. 

The use of one or two sets of false eyelashes also showed that women appear more doll like, even more when paired with contact circle lenses in dark shades of blue or purpler, this will make your eyes look bigger. The eye will look more alluring with a thick smear of eyeliner from the center to slightly past the outer tip of the eye

Unfortunately, if your skin color is dark you may be hesitate to try the Korean style, fearing the use of color in Korean make-up is mostly as a little pale. Here we will show how to alter the colors to make a conbination to match darker skin tones. First is to understand your skin tone. Dark skinned women or tanned are not advised to wear bright colors like red, orange, yellow, green or blue as this will impair their appearance. We encourage to stay with a natural and balanced blend or colors to keep your skin with a fresh appearance and remain alluring. The key tip is to choose light lipstick colors and conbinations of eyeshadow and blush.

If girls incorporate a smart blush color that matches the hue of their skin, it can make them look lighter skinned and much sweeter. Blush plays a distinctive role in giving the impression of a shaped face. Soft colors applied in a light and even sweep along the cheekbones can make for a sweeter smile. 

Korea makeup is not all about the pastel-colored lipstick, paired with lip gloss can give an extra fresh impression. Moist lips can get all the boys wanting a kiss. Besides, if you want to seem more stylish and daring, the lip color may be a bit brighter then nude shades.. 

Complete your look with stylish hair. Try to tie your hair with a cute binder or vice versa match with short hair. Add some colorful accessories, patterned floral or animals to inforce your inner K-Pop!

Step By Step Korean Makeup: 

Step 1: Clean your face and apply primer and toning creams on the affected area or breakouts. Then blend foundation. Then select a soft color eyeshadow and apply to eyelids. 

Step 2: Use false eyelashes with an appropriate thickness. After eyeliner to give a firm line above the eye, it makes your eyes look bigger. Then apply mascara on the lashes so they look longer and slender. 

Step 3: Use a blush on your cheekbones to make your face look brighter. Pick a color that is not too bright, adjust the color of your face. 

Step 4: Use a lipstick or lip color to give the impression of naturally light tones. Rememeber natural, natural, natural!!

Step 5 Create an eyebrow shape that is as straight as possible, this is the most important step. Fill in and shade your eyebrow to achieve the most horizontal eyebrow. All Koreans have straight eyebrows


To get smoothness on the skin, use only a light foundation and apply on the face evenly. Makeup products that give a matte look are not sutiable for Korean makeup, use a BB or CC cream.

For the best appearance choosing a color that matches your skin is very important in regards to foundation. Women are encouraged to choose the color closest to the color of their skin. 

What we can do is encourage you to stand up and try apply makeup in the sunlight because it is the perfect light to applu makeup. If you have oily skin, choose an oil-free foundation or control of oil. 

Use pastel colors when applying Korean make-up. it is most suitable for those aged between 15 and 25 years old. 

Avoid choosing bright colors for blush. Soft pinks or peachs are natural and suitable for sweet and Korean look. 


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