How to Get Bigger Eyes

8 Makeup Tips for Larger, Prettier Eyes

It’s no surprise that everyone wants big, bright, beautiful eyes. Weren’t blessed in that department? Don’t let your gene pool get you down – here are 8 insider beauty tips for every girl to have the most sparkling doe eyes.

  1. Thicken your eyebrows

Don’t discount the role your eyebrows play in making your eyes appear larger – if eyes are windows to the soul, eyebrows are the windowpanes that frame them. Fuller eyebrows make the eyes and face look more alert and lively, as compared to sparse, thin eyebrows. Penciling in your brows boldly also draws attention to the top of your face, so you instantly look fresher.

  1. Conceal your eyebags

This might seem like a no-brainer, but covering the dark circles under your eyes is crucial in brightening up the overall eye area as well. For the best results, go for an orange-toned concealer to counter the cool blue tones of your dark circles – this will balance out the tone colours and make your eyebags look less sallow.

  1. Curl your lashes with a heated eyelash curler

Whether or not you decide to apply mascara in the end, curling your lashes helps to directly frame and open up your eyes. Use a hairdryer to warm the curler beforehand so your lashes will curl and stay curled better. Using an eyelash curler can also help define your double eyelids on a bad eye day, so we recommend investing in a good one!

  1. White is the key – whiten your waterline and inner corners

How to make your eyes look larger

A white eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow can really open up your eyes, simply because it extends the boundary of your eye whites and creates the illusion that eyes are larger than what they actually are. Make sure to only whiten your lower waterline – that’s the bottom inner rim of your eye – and the inner corners of your eyes, to make the whites look brighter and open the eyes. For a more natural look, you can opt for a nude pencil instead.

  1. Tightline

Tightlining is the art of drawing your eyeliner in a single line extremely close to the rims of your eyes. In contrast to overdosing on thick chunky eyeliner, and even the classic winged liner, a sharp tightline will open up your eyes in a sleek and edgy way. The perfect tightline rests right between the roots of your lashes and your top waterline, so the pop in your eyes is subtle but significant.

Kim K rocking her signature tightliner look, not to mention those curled lashes!

Kim K rocking her signature tightliner look, not to mention those curled lashes!

  1. Use a pencil, not liquid eyeliner

And while we’re on the topic of tightlining, try using an eyeliner pencil instead of a gel or liquid eyeliner. Though there is less precision, a softer tightline (oxymoron, we know) will help to create a more natural look when enhancing your eyes. With an eyeliner pencil you can smudge or blend it out for a softer look that isn’t as harsh, and is more wearable for an everyday look. Bonus point: a softer line over a sharp line makes you look more youthful too!

  1. Apply eye shadow or liner all the way up to the crease

This is where makeup truly becomes art. Lining your eyes and following the contour up to the crease of your eye helps to outline and enhance the shape. If you’re up for it, go just above the crease to enlarge the perceived size of your eye. When doing so, use a darker shade for the actual liner, but fill in the space on your eyelid with a lighter, shimmery shade. This trick works best with pencil liner or eyeshadow – anything that can be easily blended into the crease for a more subtle look.

  1. Highlight, highlight, highlight

how to make eyes bigger

The Holy Grail to any girl’s makeup toolbox? Highlighter. That shimmery goodness that catches the light at all the right places on your face when applied optimally. This bad boy should go in the inner corners of your eyes, on (or just below) the contour of your eyebrows, and on your cheekbones. Highlighting your cheekbones gives more life to the top half of your face, and going right beneath your brow bone will create the illusion of a brow lift ­– so you’ll look chirpy and bright even if your soul isn’t feeling it!

Written by guest author Amanda. Amanda is a makeup fanatic and a frequent follower of makeup gurus. When she’s not writing articles for ShopBack, she’s shopping

oey is a makeup fanatic and a frequent follower of makeup gurus. When she’s not writing articles for ShopBack, she’s shopping.”


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