How to clean makeup brushes

Do you have problems with pimples and impure skin on your face? Your dirty makeup brushes can be the cause. Learn the proper way to wash them and avoid problem skin.

Do you feel like you have dirty, shiny and oily skin? The cause may be your unwashed makeup brushes. A makeup brush collects old makeup residue, dead skin cells and oils, which becomes the perfect breeding ground for a variety of bacteria. Learn how to wash and care for your brushes so that they keep for several years.

An unwashed brush does not give as good results when you apply makeup. A brush full of makeup and dirt can feel sticky and spread your make up unevenly on the skin. Makeup artists recommend that you clean the brushes at least every two weeks if you use them every day. Makeup Sponges and brushes for concealer and liquid fundation you should wash more frequently, preferably after each use.

How to clean makeup brushes

How to clean makeup brushes

How to clean makeup brushes

1. Wet
Begin by wetting the entire brush in lukewarm water. Avoid rinsing the shaft where it can get to the glue and can cause the bristles to fall off.

2. Wash
If you use brushes made of synthetic materials it is preferred to use detergent when washing. Pour a dollop of detergent on your hand hand move the brush around in a circular motion so that all straws are cleaned thoroughly with detergent. Rinse the brush thoroughly with lukewarm water until all detergent is gone. Repeat and continue till the brush is clean. This is when the water runs clear.

If you use brushes of real hair, choose a mild shampoo instead of detergent. To keep brushes really soft, you can finish with a little conditioner before rinsing one last time.

3. Wipe
Keep brushes with bristles down until the water has dripped off. Put them down on a towel or paper towel and let them dry overnight. It is important not to set them in a glass or something alike as when the water is collected in the bottom, as the bristles on the brush may become detached from the brush.


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