How to apply eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner can be difficult to start with, it takes some training to apply it right (There are many tips and tricks). But today I will show you the easiest version. Making an eyeliner with a eyeliner pencil.

So how to apply eyeliner

1. It is important to get the eyeliner to stay in place is to ensure that the area around the eye is completely dry. Moisture and rubbing that comes through the day will gradually cause the eyeliner to disappear. Preferably use powder or flesh-colored eye shadow as a base.

2. A steady hand is very important for obvious reasons. One tip is to tilt your hand against your face. Or leaning your elbow on a table.

3. Try to look in the mirror while applying. Closing your eyes will make your eyelids become wrinkled, thus difficult to apply eyeliner.

4. Add only a black lashliner (between the lashes) this can be liquid liner or a powder eyeshadow in a dark shade,do this to avoid the gap that may arise between your mascara and eyeliner. You can get a pretty big gap between the lashes and eyeliner that may be visible from the front. And also from the sides! The trick here is to use a black, matte eye shadow and an angled slightly harder brush. Place the brush on the underside of the lashes and rub in shadow. This is technique is called ‘fringe marking’ and can be done even without eyeliner if you have thin lashes, just to fill in your lash line.

5. The most common is that one ends by painting a wing on the edge of the eye. It will be adapted to the eye’s own form. In order to know which angle you should paint the wing, one can imagine an extended line in the same direction as the lower lash line. To then follow the lower lash line and out.

6. Do you have trouble getting the eyeliner look the same on both eyes? Then the trick is to do small portions at a time like painting a wing in one eye and then the wing of the other. Instead of painting an entire face only to realise at the end that they don’t match. Paint the wing contour first, and then fill in.

7. Look at pictures when you add rout eyeliner! You might think that you understand exactly how it should look, then when you stand there with brush in hand, it is not always as easy.

8. The wing will lift the eye naturally, so you do not need to draw a thick wing. If you draw it to thick it will look odd. If it looks odd try to draw a new line from wing tip inwards and make a more soft, rounded line.

9. Like everything else, it is about training. Try it out in the evenings before going to wash off your makeup. You will learn a lot faster than you think. Watch your eye shape and think about what you want to change or enhance.

10. What type of eyeliner you want to use is a matter of taste. Try it out. It is available in cake tin mixed with a little water, like jelly cream or try out the jar and the pen where the formula is pre-mixed and comes out through the brush. You could also try a brush in the same container as mascara.

11. Do you think after all this it is difficult to get the eyeliner to sit for a whole day? Make Up Store has developed a product called the Mixing Liquid. A multifuntionell product with clear, water-like formula will get your makeup to become waterproof. Then your eyeliner will be sitting from morning to night!


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