Day MakeUp

On those hot summer days the challenge of finding and applying face make up that doesn’t melt off through out the day is a struggle. When you start to sweat the moment you get out of the shower, then start to apply makeup, you need a makeup that applies quickly, remains smooth and dry, and is long lasting. So don’t sweat it – these summer proof make up tips, tricks and products will stay put,so you don’t have to and you can say goodbye to your foundation dripping from your face, your mascara giving you panda eyes, and your eyeshadow getting stuck in the creases.

day makeup

day makeup

So day makeup that is summer proof, melt proof and all day durable

Tips to having long lasting day makeup

  1. Use waterproof products: waterproof makeup is available for, liquid foundation, powder foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick, these products are perfect for warmer weather to keep everything in place.
  2. Mix your primer with your foundation: You can apply a light coat of primer all over your face before applying your makeup to fix, if the occasion calls for a more stable base you can mix equal parts primer and foundation simultaneously. Be careful not to be too white.
  3. Use moisturizers with color: during the hot months replaces your foundation and your moisturizer cream for a color or tinted moisterizer, you reduce the amount of product to apply and this will give you less oily skin but still offer moisture benifits
  4. Buy facial absorbent wipes: eliminate the oily look on your face by using a washcloth or paper oil dabbers instead of applying more makeup, be careful not to rub strongly to avoid removing makeup you wear instead, a small pat will do.
  5. Powder seals your makeup and your shadow eyeliner: applying a layer of translucent or loose powder makeup to finish everything will seal your makeup on your face. This also applies to the eyeliner, you can apply layer of dark shadow over your liquid or pencil eyeliner to minimize smudging.
  6. Creams and lotions control oily skin: if you suffer severely oily skin and in the summer your situation worsens it is a good idea to invest in a good cream or lotion for oil control, ask your dermatologist of choice for some specific brands.
  7. Keep it simple: in the summer opt for a more natural makeup look if possible , so there will be less makeup sweat.
  8. Make up with neutral colors: although all the tricks can sometimes fail us it is easy to hide imperfections if we maintain the range of colors to natural and neutral.
  9. Give color to your cheeks with new dyes gel. It is applied with a small brush and spread his fingers. The result is natural and durable. We recommend  benetint  and The Body Shop Lip  and  Cheek Stain
  10. The gel shadows are best for the summer weather. They spread in seconds, sealed on the skin easily and does not quartered. They last longer and finish is more natural.Blue, turquoise and orange are best in warm earth. Recommended shade in cream Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow .
  11. The lips should always be hydrated and hopefully with a first containing sunscreen. To give color, the colors and textures that stay longer, as recommendedMaybelline Super Stay  or  Infallible Lip Gloss  by  L’Oreal
  12. The secret of professionals is passed across the face an ice wrapped in a handkerchief before  makeup
  13. The final touch is to spray mineral water to seal the  makeup  so it does not run.One of the most recognized is  Avène Thermal Water .

But if keeping it neutral and light isn’t your style: Liquid makeup can show good performance when you’re sweating, but powdered formulas are often the best choice, especially if you have oily skin, because they are drier on the skin. Instead of a liquid or cream makeup, use a pressed powder or loose powder mineral formula to match your skin tone and pick up excess shine. If you prefer liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, apply a translucent powder on top, which will also help to secure it and keep it in place. Forget the cream shadows and choose those that come in powder. If you want, you can apply with a damp brush to extend their coverage. The matte blush or bronzing powder are the best options for hot climates because they absorb oils and not add brightness and sparkle to your face. You can use any shades, colors or formulas you like if you get waterproof or oil free products.

Remember primer, then liquid, then power.

Recommended Products for melt-proof day makeup during those hot and sweaty summer days!


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