How to Look Beautiful

How to look beautiful..... without makeup?!

How to look beautiful….. without makeup?!

How to look beautiful….. without makeup?!

Makeup – a real lifesaver for most women. And the natural blemishes, sun damages and signs of ageing have such a large effect on the willingness to use it. Just remember how happy you were as a little girl to try on your mother’s lipstick, and how enthusiastic you were when the day came you got to finally buy your own. So have you,since being interested little girls to now where you regret the reliance you have formed with makeup – forgotten the other ways you can help your body to minimise the importance makeup has in helping you to hide flaws and enhance your appearance? your skin must have a break from time to time on makeup so we are here to remind you!

Once, again..How to look beautiful without makeup!

Advantages and disadvantages of makeup. The purpose of the make-up – to do our best to create an illusion that will be more beautiful than reality. In some cases it is really necessary: ​​at official events, holidays, photo shoots and video shoots. Sometimes the presence of makeup on face is an implied dress code. Aswell as the fact that makeup can give some women confident and without it they feel embarrassed and unattractive. But at the end of the day, it is impossible to wear makeup all the time without damaging your skin. Be honest, how long can you wake up half an hour earlier than your lover, to apply makeup then slowly and quietly get back to bed. It is much easier and more efficient to be beautiful naturally, without makeup.Furthermore, there is an additional argument for natural external beauty: makeup damage your skin. Even a high-quality makeup brand. To some extent it may have a positive effect (to protect your skin from the sun, even moisturize).

Advantages of no makeup You always look great, no matter the circumstances, any time of day; you maintain healthy and fresh skin, no clog pores plus it doesn’t block access of oxygen; You save money because the really good cosmetics are not cheap. In general, the ability to look good without makeup is a solid achievement.

How to look beautiful without makeup? True beauty comes from within. And it is not about the rich inner world – it is certainly important, but we suggest you find a more convenient way to be beautiful without makeup. You will need to spend time, energy, money – but the result is worth all the costs. So, that’s the way that have you no longer need the makeup to be beautiful:

How to look beautiful..... without makeup?!

How to look beautiful….. without makeup?!


We are what we eat. Rather, what we eat, inevitably affect our appearance. It is not just about the figure. The foods we eat affects the condition of skin, hair and nails – In general, all of the important components of beauty. To check this, try for two weeks with discipline to maintain a balanced diet. For example eat porridge for breakfast and for lunch and dinner a vegetable salad without sauces, low-fat fish or meat. Snack on fresh fruit and berries or natural dairy products. During the day, drink plenty of water and herbal teas. At the same time remove flour, confectionery, fast food, sweet drinks and refined sugar. In small amounts, eat honey, coffee and cocoa. Be sure to take vitamin and mineral supplements (multi vitamins and / or for hair and nails, the so-called “beauty vitamin”). Soon, the skin will become smoother and more hydrated, blemishes and sun marks disappear as well as irritation and rashes. As well as a healthy weight will be achievable or sustained. If you continue to eat this diet the need for foundation and blush will disappear and you will not want to hide your beautiful skin under makeup.

Will power is not enough for the natural beauty, if you smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, and don’t get enough sleep your body will be exhausted, effecting your beauty. Tobacco and alcohol interfere with the metabolism, interfere with nutrient composition and absorption as well as effect the bodies ability to provide necessary energy and building materials. Just a few weeks without a cigarette – and the skin becomes fresher, rings under the eyes start to fade and a lighter complexion appears, whiter teeth, nails and hair become stronger and your skin becomes more moisturised. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every night will help your body, do not sleep less than 7 hours per day. An Active lifestyle will definitely improve your natural beauty,get atleast 30minutes a day of exercise from joining a gym, going for a run

How to look beautiful..... without makeup?!

How to look beautiful….. without makeup?!

Time and money

An Active lifestyle will definitely improve your natural beauty, join a gym and / or pool, get a rewarding hobby (horse riding, dance, yoga). Pay for quality equipment such as shoes that will save your feet from sores, ie maintain its beauty. Continue on all the practical functions: personally go to a nearby department instead of sending e-mail, climbing stairs instead of the elevator, get out car and walk when possible. All these small, but effective measures will lead to a toned body, and bring order to the body and the mind. Also with natural beauty, cosmetic medical procedures such as dental implants, tooth whitening, posture alignment are unnecessary.

How to look beautiful..... without makeup?!

How to look beautiful….. without makeup?!

Your Attitude

Smile! It is the energy that lights a spark in her eyes, straightens her shoulders and makes her life. A girl who loves herself and admires herself, is beautiful without makeup. In any case, it will be able to convince anyone! Beauty, with makeup can create one but only natural beauty give a real luxury and a source of pride. Therefore, it is for you, not for a new lipstick, it is worth spending energy and money. Daily care, proper diet and exercise will make you beautiful without makeup.

This is what we’re really going to like!


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