A Complete Guide to Makeup Brushes

In the world of beauty, “invest in makeup brushes” is most likely a piece of advice because the right choice of brushes can create a big difference between a novice and professional look. But, you don’t need to collect thousands of makeup brushes for a flawless look. Luckily, many brushes are multitasking so, try to use them beyond their names.

If you want a smooth and flawless look, take your time to understand what you need and find yourself the versatile set.

Let’s dive into the article to know everything about the makeup brushes.

Face Brushes

  1. Foundation Brush

The foundation acts as the base of your face, so try to use a brush that have long and synthetic bristles.

Foundation brushes work well with liquid and creamier foundations. This brush is flat shaped, bristles are tightly packed, and a tapered tip, designed to give you a smooth finished look to your makeup.

How to use a foundation brush?

  • You need to prepare your skin before using this brush, wash your face and let it dry.
    • After applying moisturizer, apply primer and then concealer. Now it's time to apply foundation with the help of a brush.
    • Dip the brush into the foundation according to your desired coverage. Start putting the makeup on the cheeks in a circular motion and try to blend back towards your hairline.
  • Concealer Brush

It is considered to girl's best friend, similar to foundations, used to mask pores, age spots, dark circles, or other minor imperfections present on the skin. Concealers are usually available in cream or liquid form, so we should use a synthetic brush.

The narrow, firm, and tapered concealer brush provides you precision for the areas like underneath the eyes or either side of the nose, which bigger brush can't get.

How to Use a Concealer Brush?

  • While using the concealer brush, stroke a product onto the face to hide the problems.
  • Use almost three dots of your product under the eyes area, tap in the product with the help of a concealer brush, make sure you blend it well into your skin.
  • Now move to other blemishes where the extra coating is required. When you are done, you have a smooth and flawless tone to look.
  • Bronzer Brush

Bronzer is used to enhance facial features like your jawline, for-head, and cheekbone, also add natural colors and attractive-look to your face affected by the foundation. 

How to Use a Bronzer Brush?

  • Start by base with the help of foundation and concealer.
  • Utilize round, comprehensive, and fluffy brush, blend, then set the bronzer.
  • Always choose one or two shades darker than your skin color. For example:

If you have a deep complexion, choose amber or tawny bronzer. For a medium complexion, a rose-bronze bronzer or gold-flecked bronzer is most suitable. A honey-colored bronzer is considered ideal for a fair complexion.

  • Blush Brush

These brushes are generally smaller than powder brushes with dome shape, long and fluffy bristles that help to spread powder pigment evenly. 

How to Use a Blush Brush?

  • Try to pick a small or medium-sized brush with bristles that are not too dark so that they blend the product more softly.
  • Before applying to the apples of your cheeks, test out the color on the back of your hand.
  • Gently tap on your cheeks, then blend with the help of soft swirling motions.
  • Fan Brush

The fan brush has soft bristles, perfectly designed to adjust the right amount of product under your cheekbone and on the tip of your nose for a flawless finish.

Fan brush can also clean up extra powder, remove different flecks of eyeshades, and is considered ideal for highlighter.

How to Use a Fan Brush?

  • Use the large fan brush to lightly buff the product onto your cheekbone and jawline for highlighter or blushing.
  • It's a gentle and relaxing way to apply all your beauty products.

What Makeup Brushes to Use for the Eyes

  1. Blending Brush

These brushes are tapered-shaped, soft, and fluffy bristles that help you in blending. The right choice of blending brush (round or tapered) depends on the amount of lid space the users have. While using this brush, the pointed tip allows one to apply colors more concentrated into the crease.

How to Use Eyes Shadow Blending Brush?

  • Swipe the brush onto the crease of the lids into
  • If you want to blend multiple colors on top of one another, start swirling around the corners of your eyes.
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush

The angled eyeliner brush is considered necessary for applying cream or gel eyeliners. This synthetic bristles brush is absorbent and can be used with dry or wet products. The thin brush helps to create the accurate application of eyeliner.

How to Use Angled Eyeliner Brushes?

  • Dip the brush into the tube. Start from your inner eyes; gradually increase the line's width and flicking out towards the ends.
  • The hash and dot methods are a great way to begin creating cat-eye.
  • Try to clean your brush after each use for better results.
  • Eyeshadow Crease Brush

Eyeshadow crease brush can be rounder, smaller, and tighter than an essential eyeshadow brush. This brush is used for adding depth into the outer corner and crease of your eye. Typically, you can also use a crease brush by sweeping across your crease.

How to Use Eyeshadow Crease Brush?

  • You should apply dark brown eyeshadow above the lid and try to add concealer across the top.
  • Utilize a dome of pointed-shape crease brush to get a more ingenious shape to the eyes.

What Brushes Should You Use for Your Lips?

Lips brush

Lips brushes are used to apply lip -gloss and lipsticks accurately. These brushes are slightly cut at the tip and make blending lipstick over lip very easy. 

How to Use a lip brush?

  • Dip the brush into your color and line your lips, gracefully shape your lips.
  • With the help of a lip brush, you can get more accurate filling in and outlining your lips.

Care and Storage

  • Care is essential for your brushes, clean them after each use, otherwise, your brushes can be home to many bacteria, dust, and dirt that will lead to further damages.
  • Never share your brushes with anyone especially, your lip brushes.
  • Try to store brushes in their respective box.

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