2015 makeup trends

It’s already mid-2015 but it’s not too late for you to try out some of the hottest makeup looks of the year that are still trending! If you’re intimidated by fashion magazines, don’t sweat it. We’ve compiled a list of the best looks and included some simple and straightforward tips for you to try out. While it may seem like some makeup looks may not suit everyone, you can always tone it down to suit your own style. Rock a look that you’re comfortable with. You can find the best look for yourself with experimentation and practice so check out these looks now!

1.    Marsala Makeup

Never heard of this word before? It’s the name of a beautiful warm tone! Marsala is Pantone’s Colour of the Year and it’s been appearing everywhere from the runway to makeup looks. It’s similar to burgundy but has a stronger reddish-brown tinge to it that makes it very earthy. Different shades of Marsala can lean towards both warm and cool tones, making it a very versatile shade for different skin tones.



While most women would prefer to wear Marsala on their lips, it is actually really chic and pretty to wear this flattering shade as eyeshadow or eyeliner. If you’re scared of looking like you got punched or caught a sore eye infection, don’t worry because a light hand and thinner textures are actually advisable for this shade. So choose the shimmery or pearly shades and pat them lightly on your eyelid bit by bit. You can always take another clean brush to blend it out if you find the look too heavy for your liking!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 8.39.21 PM


As demonstrated by the guest makeup artist on Korean beauty variety show Beauty Bible, marsala can look very attractive and feminine on the eyes. A gentle wash of colour will make your eyes and face look livelier. Paired with long fluttery lashes, you’ll be ready for your date!

  1. Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup
Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Look | stillGLAMORUS | Youtube

Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Look | stillGLAMORUS | Youtube

How Kylie got her lips so full is anyone’s guess but the general consensus is that she looks pretty awesome. This look is relatively easy to achieve, with the focus being the dark rosy lips, full lashes and the strong brows. Grab a lip pencil and trace the outline of your lips – to get them to look fuller, Kardashian-style, use slightly more pressure to create a thicker line and then fill it in with a lipstick. Looking pouty has never been so simple with this easy trick! Give your eyelashes generous coats of mascara and attach some wispy falsies to create a more wide-eyed, seductive look. Cue the selfies!

  1. Warm Sunset
Burnt Gold Makeup Tutorial | kathleenlights | Youtube

Burnt Gold Makeup Tutorial | kathleenlights | Youtube

This summer look by famous youtuber KathleenLights emphasises on the warm eyeshadows, bringing out a hazy, bronzy look reminiscent of late summer evenings watching sunset. She uses a metallic shadow in the centre of the eyelid and a matte, warm brown for an intense crease. Kathleen also wears it with very heavy lashes to frame the bold eyeshadow looks. Go crazy with highlighter to really bring out that glow from within and don’t forget the glossy nude lip to complete the look! To make this look more wearable, just use the same warm-toned eyeshadows but in lighter layers.

  1. Super Fresh Skin Makeup Look
Fresh Summer Makeup | easyneon | Youtube

Fresh Summer Makeup | easyneon | Youtube

The unique looking Diana from easyneon demonstrates a makeup look that will bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and skin. With light, shimmery shades and a flash of colour at the eyeliner, you can avoid looking overly made up while still looking fresh and pretty! This look is great for school and outdoor activities like picnics. Use the soft colours towards the inner corners and a light warm shade for some crease definition. Lips should be kept natural while brows can be slightly stronger and darker according to your own preferences. Add some lashes to jazz this look up if you want!

  1. Strobing
Latest Makeup Technique: Strobing Technique | Tina Yong | Youtube

Latest Makeup Technique: Strobing Technique | Tina Yong | Youtube

In her youtube tutorial, Tina explains how strobing is all about piling on the highlighter and creating the illusion of glowing, even skin. These come in several formulations, from powder and liquid to cream-sticks. Remember to use highlighters only on top of your foundation so that you can achieve that blemish-free, poreless, glowy effect. If highlighter is added on top of imperfect skin, it can look sweaty or even dirty and basically highlight all your imperfections. For oily-skinned ladies, try a primer and a matte foundation or set your makeup with a matte powder first before putting highlighter over top. It can look slightly cakey at first but when your natural oils break through an hour or so later, you’ll be glowing from within!

Written by guest author Joey. Joey is a makeup fanatic and a frequent follower of makeup gurus. When she’s not writing articles for ShopBack, she’s shopping.


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